SRKay Consulting Group appoints new head of consulting practice

08 March 2018 5 min. read

Mumbai-based technology investment and business advisory firm SRKay Consulting Group has appointed Sooraj Keswani as the Head of its Consulting Practice. Keswani’s appointment is the latest in a string of new additions to the firm in the last six months, which included the appointment of Vinit Teredesai and Stuart Kippelman as advisors.  

The Indian IT market has been among the most active in the world for a few years now, ranging from technology solutions to business process outsourcing. However, while IT firms in India have only catered to a small fraction of the population so far, the market is set to explode to unprecedented levels over the next few years.

The digital market is expanding rapidly, and with it the space for innovation. Indian firms have sprung into action to ensure that they profit from this lucrative scenario, bolstering their capacity through acquisitions, and their innovative capabilities through collaborations and investments in the simultaneously explosive startup environment in the country.

International firms have also arrived for their piece of the pie. French consultancy Capgemini began supporting Indian startups back in 2015. This year, Japanese firm Dream Incubator launched a tech venture fund for startups in India, which was followed by the advent of a partnership between global giants Accenture and Microsoft to support Indian startups in the technology sphere.

SRKay Consulting Group launched in 2016 with identical intentions: to capitalise on the innovative tech space. The firm’s functions include investment in early-stage innovative ventures, as well as the provision of consulting services to start-ups and mature industrial entities.

Among the firm’s differentiating factors is the desire to act as a catalyst for its ventures, providing support at every stage. In its consulting domain, the firm specialises in the deployment of latest technology, software development strategies, and the alignment of business and IT frameworks, among other services.

Sooraj Keswani, Head Consulting Practice - SRKAY Consulting Group

Since its establishment two years ago, the firm has been expanding rapidly, periodically adding highly accomplished professionals to its executive ranks. The latest of these additions is Sooraj Keswani, who will now head the firm’s consulting division.

Sooraj Keswani

Keswani has a background in Law and business, having completed an LLB from Jitendra Chauhan College of Law and subsequently an MBA in marketing from Newport University. Professionally, Keswani’s career has been highly versatile, with experience in the media, engineering, merchandising and customer equity industries.

He began as a Supervisor Engineer at Aarkay Engineers, following which he joined the Indian Express as the Assistant Manager for Corporate Marketing. Between 1999 and 2003, Keswani was a Regional Manager at, a Deputy General Manager at GMS Technologies, and a General Manager at Madison Merchandising Services.

Keswani then returned to the Indian Express, this time as a Deputy Chief Manager for Space Marketing, involving strategy planning for the sales division. Since then, he has been the Head of Marketing & Planning at Enso Securtrack, Vice President at Concept Communication, and Assistant Vice President for Customer Integrated Marketing at Hansa Customer Equity.

His formalized consulting career began in 2015, when he joined eMart Solutions India as Vice President for Consulting. After two years at eMart, Keswani has begun at SRKay Consulting Group as the head of the consulting practice.

Commenting on his appointment, Alok Kumar, Managing Partner at SRKay said, “Sooraj brings in his extensive knowledge in providing solutions, along with his in-depth knowledge of customer experience management and a great blend of marketing expertise. His experience in working with start-up companies and helping them grow in a short time with passion is something that is rare in most corporate executives.”

On his new role, Keswani added, “Over 2 decades, I have worked across diverse industries with large organizations as well as start-ups. SRKay Consulting Group has embarked on a very exciting journey with a vision to scale global markets with their innovative products. I am extremely enthused to be a part of this journey and look forward to contributing my experience towards helping SRKay achieve its vision."