TCS and Cisco establish Centre of Excellence for digital solutions

13 September 2019 3 min. read

Building on years of successful collaboration, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Cisco have established a new Centre of Excellence (CoE) to further explore the potential of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) solutions platform. The CoE will benefit both firms’ clients through solution-oriented advancements.

Cisco DNA is an enterprise network structure that enables a more interactive and streamlined relationship between an organisation’s IT structure and its operations. DNA’s differentiating factor is that it allows for the integration of various network domains, including application policy, security and segmentation.

The solution is also endowed with network analytics capabilities that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), allowing for automated issue detection and resolution. AI-based network analytics can also be used to identify areas of potential improvement across the network.

Work at the new CoE will use such pressure points as a foundation to develop resilient network transformation solutions. TCS, meanwhile, is likely to use the CoE to enhance its sector-specific solutions for its expanding pool of clients, helping to eliminate redundancies and promoting overall efficiency.

TCS and Cisco establish Centre of Excellence for digital solutions

One specific problem that TCS and Cisco are looking to address is the faltering of a network when dealing with heavy traffic, which can be tackled by developing a dynamic management system that can redistribute loads and reduce response times. Such a solution has tremendously positive implications for customer service.

So far, TCS professionals at the CoE have already developed what is called an Enterprise Compliance Enforcement – Network, which will leverage DNA’s extensive capabilities to break the network down into micro segments, which enables sector-specific modifications to be made in the network to ensure compliance.

Commenting on the new CoE, Global Head of the Technology Business Unit at TCS V Rajanna said, “Our new Centre of Excellence is yet another major milestone in the deep partnership between TCS and Cisco. We are building transformational solutions that will use the power of intent-based networking to further enhance customer experience, and create compelling value for our customers in their digital journeys.”

Ravi Chandrasekaran, SVP for Enterprise Networking Business at Cisco added, “The Cisco-TCS partnership has grown over the years by leveraging our mutual strengths to solve some of our customers' largest challenges. By being open and programmable, Cisco's intent-based networking architecture gives Cisco partners a powerful tool to use when building new networking solutions. I am excited to see what Cisco DNA Center innovations emerge from TCS's new Center of Excellence.”

TCS and Cisco have been in a strategic partnership since 2009, when they announced that they would collaboratively develop data centres to help their clients with more analytical solutions. The partnership operates at a global level, and has recently been consolidated in the Indian market as well.