TCS and Cardinal Health to take their partnership forward

15 November 2019 3 min. read

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Cardinal Health have taken their partnership forward, expanding TCS’ mandate of providing digital support to the global healthcare solutions firm. The new mandate includes the responsibility of managing Cardinal Health’s digital transformation.

Cardinal Health is a provider of integrated services, solutions and products in the healthcare domain, dealing with multiple stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Alongside supporting hospitals, healthcare services and pharmacies with specialised solutions, the firm also acts as a mediator between patients and the healthcare system.

Based out of the US, the Fortune 500 firm has a significant global presence with more than 50,000 employees in 60 countries. Some specific services offerings include supply chain management, pharmaceutical distribution, as well as medical product & supplies distribution, sometimes in a direct-to-home format.

The firm is looking to become more product centric in its operations, and has chosen technology as the preferred means to this end. TCS is set to support with this process, leveraging two of its unique offerings. These are the TCS Enterprise Agile vision, and the Machine-First Delivery Model (MFDM).

TCS and Cardinal Health to take their partnership forward

The former is a programme that is designed to increase organisational flexibility and agility. MFDM, meanwhile is an artificial-intelligence-based solution that enhances various aspects of the delivery mechanism to reduce risk as well as increase speed and productivity. The model is based on TCS’ cognitive automation platform Ignio, which has previously proven its worth in improving delivery systems, exemplified by TCS’ work with footwear and accessories company ALDO. 

Commenting on the expanded mandate, Global Head of Healthcare at TCS Nitin Kumar said, “Cardinal Health and TCS have a great partnership built on performance and trust over the last nine years. Our strong contextual knowledge of Cardinal Health's business allows us to collaborate and deliver this accelerated transformation. We are very excited to embark upon this journey of innovation and transformation with Cardinal Health based on our Business 4.0 thought leadership framework.”

Cardinal Health Senior Vice President Greg Boggs added, “TCS has a strong track record of delivery with Cardinal Health. We look forward to elevating our partnership and accelerating the transformation of our IT operating model to enable growth. TCS' approach toward driving enterprise agility and its ability to leverage key digital technologies such as ignio and their MFDM framework positions it as a preferred transformational partner. TCS' investments align well with our strategic digital transformation roadmap.”

The new project represents yet another win for TCS in the US, and not the firms first brush with the country’s healthcare sector. The company – which is now the 58th most valuable brand in the US – supported SIDS research at Seattle’s Children Hospital last year by making a considerable donation.