Boutique digital strategy consulting firm Nine Triangles launches

08 December 2017 3 min. read
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A new boutique consulting firm by the name of Nine Triangles has been launched in India, with a specific focus on digital strategy and integrated implementation. The firm has been founded by former Executive Director at Talentrack Krishna Mohan Jha, who has extensive experience in the digital strategy arena. 

Krishna Mohan Jha has over a decade of experience in the digital web design and advertising arena. Having completed an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, he began his career as a Team Leader for the Channel Migration project at ICICI Bank. Channel Migration was essentially a marketing initiative, aimed at spreading familiarity with phone and internet banking across India in the early 2000s.

After ICICI, Jha made his entry into the world of digital design and marketing when he joined Magnon/TBWA, a digital media agency in India. The firm essentially provides digital solutions for some of the country’s largest brands, including Hilton, Hyundai, Michelin and others, operating with over 200 employees in India.

Jha spent more than 10 years at Magnon/TBWA, where he began as the Leader for Client Relations at the firm, overseeing the growth strategy and mentoring client servicing operations. During his time at the firm, Jha ascended through the ranks, first being promoted to Head for the Mumbai operations, and eventually occupying the Executive Director post.

Krishna Mohan Jha

Now, after spending a year away from Magnon/TBWA as Executive Director at Talentrack, Jha has broken off to start his own consulting firm by the name of Nine Triangles. In keeping with his experience and expertise, the firm places its focus broadly on Digital Strategy consulting. In more specific terms, the firm will support brands with digital transformations, digital marketing, social media, consumer engagement, and even websites.

Nine Triangles: creative and digital

The firm will also delve into the creative as well as technology spaces, involving content creation and website design for the former, and app development and ecommerce for the latter. In addition, the firm will assist with media campaigning and data analytics such as input planning and actionable insights.

Commenting on his new venture, Jha said, “Digital services are being increasingly commoditised in the name of integrated campaigns. More often than not, the implementation follows a pattern which subdues the enormous potential the medium offers to leverage. This is where the idea of boutique digital strategy consulting with integrated implementation came to being and thus Nine Triangles.”

He added, “With strategy at the core of our offerings, we help our clients leverage the potential of the internet. As we had assessed, we saw early traction with few known clients' contacts. In fact, we landed our first assignment even before we had finalised our name. With a team of five members, mostly senior resources from strategic background across avenues, we already have a roster of known brands as our clients like Arihant - a leading publication house, Tree House Hotels, and a car leasing company based in Mumbai.”

Jha’s firm comes up at an opportune moment in the economic landscape in India, as rapidly expanding digital maturity is expected to drive the value of the media and entertainment (M&E) industry through the roof in the years to come. As activity multiplies in the M&E sector, brands will increasingly look for support with respect to web design and media campaigning, painting a promising picture for Nine Triangles.