Capgemini launches its specialised automation platform in India

01 August 2019 2 min. read

Global business advisory firm Capgemini is further boosting its digital profile in India, this time through the launch of the Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform (CIAP) in the country. The platform is grounded in the artificial intelligence (AI) domain, and is designed for efficiency.

CIAP has been rolled out across the globe, and has been a key factor in facilitating the improvement of client operations from end to end. Given the pace of digitalisation, the platform has come in particularly handy for those businesses looking to undergo a comprehensive digital transformation.

The differentiating factor for CIAP is its shift in perspective from the current practice of leveraging automation in key strategic areas to deploying automated technology across operations, with the objective of facilitating projects of large scale. As a result, the value generated via the CIAP is reportedly higher than previous AI and automation platforms.

Given its focus on expediting tasks of scale, the platform features a number of tools that are focused on speed. One example of this is the ‘FastTrack Hub,’ which houses readymade automated solutions that can be deployed repeatedly, as well as specialised bots to match the scale of monumental operations.

In addition, CIAP is housed in the cloud domain, which lends the platform a degree of security and flexibility, attributes that are essential in today's rapidly changing business environment. Solutions developed via CIAP can be administered as managed services in the cloud domain.

In India, Capgemini appears to boosting its involvement in the digital environment. The firm has been doing its best to foster local talent in the digital domain, first through a decision to partner with local tech startups that display promising business models, and more recently through the establishment of its Digital Academy in the country. The launch of CIAP is set to rejuvenate its service to clients in the country.

Commenting on the new platform, CEO at Capgemini India Ashwin Yardi said, “Intelligent automation is critical to the future of every enterprise. It will create the optimisations, efficiencies and new opportunities to accelerate growth and drive digital transformation.”

“The launch of our Intelligent Automation Platform marks a step change in our intelligent automation capabilities and will form a key component of our portfolio service offers. It will allow our customers to take the brakes off change and pursue the advantages of automation at scale while managing the risks; injecting peak performance into and across an organisation’s IT and business operations,” he added.