Indigo Consulting to help Garnier India with digital and e-commerce solutions

06 March 2018

Following the release of a  multi-agency pitch, Indigo consulting, a specialised digital segment of the international Publicis Groupe, has won the contract to provide digital and communications solutions for Garnier India. The project has been assigned to the consulting agency’s Mumbai locale.  

India’s consumer market is on the rise. Larger sections of the country’s substantial population are achieving economic prosperity, which is elevating the general levels of consumption. An interesting aspect of India’s consumer market is that its growth has coincided with the rapid growth of digital access in the country, which presents the possibility of a thriving online market.

However, this scenario is still far from being realised. Earlier this year, a study from RedSeer Consulting demonstrated how most online users in India have not yet grasped even the simplest of applications, let alone e-commerce and online consumption. The findings were backed up by another study, released recently by the Boston Consulting Group and Google, which showed how Indian online consumption is well below other markets with similar digital volume.

Nevertheless, the transition to the online domain is a step-by-step process, and one segment that is well ahead of the curve is the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. In the previous collaborative effort between BCG and Google, the firms released a report stating that 40% of traffic in the FMCG segment will have moved to the online domain by 2020, driving the value of the segment up to $45 billion over the same period.

French hair and beauty brand, and subsidiary of the L’Oreal group, Garnier India is hoping to capitalise on this growth. Founded in 1904 in France, Garnier’s skin and hair care products have permeated into markets across the world, including in major Asian economies such as China, Japan and India.

Indigo Consulting to help Garnier India with digital and e-commerce solutions

The firm’s hair care segment in India is in a period of substantial growth since the launch of its special product Ultra Doux in India two years ago. However, the firm has recognised that a tweak in strategy is required to cope with the evolving Indian market, and the digitalisation of the FMCG industry.

As a result, the firm put out a multi-agency pitch, calling for consulting firms that could aid the company with a digital transformation of sorts, as well as the social media strategy, given that the target consumer-segments for the firm are highly active in the online space. The contract for the same has been awarded to Indigo Consulting.

Founded in 2000, Indigo Consulting is a fundamentally digital firm, offering solutions in digital transformation and online branding. Since 2009, the firm has been operating user experience (UX) labs, which leverage multi-disciplinary inputs to devise innovative brand experiences. The firm’s specific focus on adapting to the ever-evolving consumer profile makes it the ideal match for Garnier’s strategy going forward.

Commenting on the new contract, Rajesh Ghatge, CEO of Indigo Consulting said, “We are glad to be working with Garnier to lead this digital evolution through meaningful content and deep engagement. Today, the burden of behaviour change is almost entirely on the traditional TV commercial. But at Indigo Consulting, we will make an impact by leveraging our ‘Play’ platform. Play uses data across social and other channels to create result-oriented experiences for the brand on digital. I look forward to our team creating some fantastic digital acts for this exciting brand.”

“The team at Indigo displayed an in-depth understanding of how to make our brands relevant on social media. This, coupled with their consumer-centric approach and their data-driven insights made us believe that they are the right partner for us. I am sure they will help us become the most loved beauty brand in India,” said Pankaj Sharma, General Manager at Garnier India.


Industry 4.0 integration can bolster industrial manufacturing in India

02 April 2019

The implementation of Industry 4.0 technology in manufacturing need not be a radically disruptive process, but can be conducted in a balanced and systematic manner based on strategic assessments of an organisation’s operations, according to management consultancy Intueri. The firm urges firms to “start small” in their digital transformations. 

Intueri joins a host of other consulting firms in India that have been contributing to the discussion on what the best strategy would be to embrace the new digital paradigm. An increasing portion of the country’s substantial population is gaining online access, which has given rise to an expansive digital market.

Earlier this year, consultants at global management consultancy the Boston Consulting Group elucidated how special emphasis on digital retail, AI development, cybersecurity and 5G will help accelerate India’s Industry 4.0 integration. Intueri has now offered its strategy on how individual firms can ride the digital wave.

As per a new Intueri report on Industry 4.0, firms must keep sight of their priorities when working on digital integration, without getting caught up in the race for the latest technology. The primary goal of digital transformation, particularly in the manufacturing sector, is to increase “efficiency, flexibility and quality,” according to the report.

Industry 4.0 integration can bolster industrial manufacturing in India

In addition, technology can be leveraged to lower the costs of production in the long run. Intueri suggests that firms ensure that these goals are being met via their investments in technology, which requires a strategic assessment of operations and possible areas of improvement prior to integration.

To this end, the firm divides the integration process into three phases. The firm explains, “The first phase involves a Proof of Concept of Industry 4.0, by tackling the organisation’s most pressing issue. In the second phase Intueri conducts a comprehensive Industry 4.0 maturity and feasibility assessment for the organisation and roadmap design for Industry 4.0 implementation.”

“The third phase will involve the implementation and post-implementation monitoring,” adds the firm. While Industry 4.0 is a multisectoral phenomenon, Intueri’s analysis deals primarily with the operations in the manufacturing sector, particularly businesses that have complex manufacturing processes.

For instance, the production chains in the aerospace, healthcare and industrial robotics & equipment sectors are highly complex, and face tremendous pressure to generate a speedy turnover in production. Strategic Industry 4.0 integration would be the ideal solution to productivity in these sectors.