Home Credit turns to Indigo Consulting to support with India expansion

10 July 2019 Consultancy.in 3 min. read
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Digital marketing consultancy Indigo Consulting has been awarded the contract to boost the profile of global consumer finance company Home Credit in India. The contract will be managed by Indigo’s Gurgaon office, where the firm will look to devise an all India digital and social media strategy.

Home Credit has been operational for more than two decades, and has grown into a substantial global operation that now spans 9 countries. The firm assists clients who have little or no credit history through initial lending packages and the subsequent development of a credit profile for reliable customers.

The Czech firm also operates with a banking license in some countries, where its suite of services expands to incorporate some retail banking services as well. These are primarily limited to deposit and current accounts. Now, the firm is looking to launch its operations in India.

Conditions in the Indian market currently appear ideal for the Home Credit Business model, given that the consumer market is booming on the one hand, but concern around non-performing assets and loan defaults in growing on a daily basis. Home Credit India is likely to help fill this gap.

Home Credit turns to Indigo Consulting to support with India expansion

In order to capitalise on the market, however, the firm will need a careful marketing strategy, particularly in the digital sphere. Indigo Consulting has been selected to help with this aspect of operations. The firm is currently managing the digital profile for a number of international firms in the country.

In recent months, Indigo Consulting has also been bolstering its creative and digital marketing capabilities, with the specific objective of expanding the scope and quality of its services. The firm has demonstrated technological capabilities, and a wealth of experience in the marketing domain.

Commenting on the partnership, Chief Marketing & Consumer Experience Officer at Home Credit India Marko Carevic said, “Home Credit India offers consumer lending solutions that serve the unique needs of people with little or no credit history. It is our constant endeavour to enable customers to realize their dreams and aspirations. Social platforms will enable us to give the enriching brand experience while fulfilling their dreams. Indigo Consulting comes on board as a digital marketing partner to connect with our customers innovatively and broaden financial inclusion for the unbanked population by providing a positive and safe borrowing experience.”

Rajesh Ghatge, CEO of Indigo Consulting India added, “Home Credit India provides innovative financial services with a focus on mass-retail lending and has a very sharp focus on the credit market. Its products are tailored to resonate with customers' specific needs, making it highly successful globally. The task is to replicate its success throughout India and we're privileged to be awarded this mandate. We look forward to leveraging our experience to further drive Homes Credit's seamless service and strengthen customer experience with the brand.”